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Current Strategic Plan Assessment
  • Does it reflect organizational needs? How do you know?
  • Are all goals measurable? Where did the metrics originate?
  • Is it Realistic and Achievable?
  • Does it leverage the strengths of your organization?
  • Are departmental plans in alignment with the overall plan?
New Strategic Plan Advisement
  • How do I - address environmental factors.
  • How do I - consider relevant current and future issues.
  • How do I - create a collaborative effort.
  • How do I - leverage the organizationl culture.
  • How do I - ensure it is measurable with incentives and consequences.
Process Evaluation & Advisement
  • Is it the process or the culture?
  • How to downsize without downgrading.
  • Will this new process yield the desired results?
  • Is this the problem, a symptom or side-effect?
  • Without the culture... it maybe useless!
Current Strategic Plan
New Strategic Plan
Process Evaluation & Advisement
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