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College Compass

Choosing a Career can be a challenging task! Money tends to be the first consideration. It often leads to an unsatisfied career. If you are going to commit nearly half of your waking life to a career, it should be one that you will enjoy! Right?!?

With College Compass, a 10 minute personality assessment is a great step towards identifying a rewarding career! College Compass identifies personality-based careers (college or non-college). Then, College Compass helps you assess each career and identify a road map (college major, certification, etc) for achieving this goal. When finished, you will have direction and learn A LOT about yourself (Overall Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, Study Approaches and more).

College Compass is ideal for the high-school student or first-year college student. Schools, Program Administrators and PTA leaders can track the progress of each module taken by the student and view detailed Career reports identifying the Top Careers selected by students based upon demographics. Visit the Demonstration Site

Educate Your Dreams – Dream Journey Kit

Believe in the Power of Educated Dreams
The typical dream is an inspirational thought, a desire to have, reach or be. It is conceived within the mind and often it remains there or simply expressed as boisterous, yet faint words with no action. An “Educated Dream” is built upon an evolving confidence in self, combined with an Action Plan and a people-based Support Team.

Share the Dream Journey

This life changing journey will take 30 to 60 days of meaningful effort. During this journey individuals will learn about themselves, their habits and their environment. They will learn why successful people achieve more and understand what needs to change within them. Once they understand how to change their negative habits, they will learn how to identify their Dream.

Having a Dream is just the beginning; they have to achieve the dream. They will use intelligent actions to make the dream smart and intelligent tools to give the dream substance while building their success team.

During this journey, they will complete numerous exercises, perform research, make plans, reach out to others and document this enlightening journey. The goal is to: enhance how they think, improve what they do, take empowering actions, develop supportive relationships, and make their dreams a reality.

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